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Portugal - A Sunny Paradise

Portugal - A Sunny Paradise

When you’re looking to buy a holiday home, you want something you can use all year round. There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of money into buying your dream holiday home in the perfect weather only to find out when you get there, that there’ll only be a small window of good weather for you to enjoy it. If the region you buy in suffers from stormy seasons or harsh winters, you’ve essentially bought a property that you can only use for maybe two months in a year. This is a huge waste of money and something you want to avoid. Therefore, it’s important to conduct in depth research about where you’ll be buying. So, if you're looking for a country with excellent climate all year round that's safe and culturally rich- look no further than Portugal!


Of course, as is with every country, it’s climate varies depending on where in the country you are. If you’re up north, then you can expect warm summers with blue skies but, come winter, you’ll start to experience some rare showers and sometimes even snow. This contrasts with the southern region like the Algarve where you’ll experience sun, and more sun all year round. With highs of almost 40 C in the summer and lowering to a temperate 15 C during the winter. With a resort-like feel all year round it’s no wonder that this region attracts the most expats in it. Whatever your preference in terms of climate. There’ll be a place for you to meet your needs, making the country the perfect place for a holiday home.


No matter where you go in this country, you’ll be met by smiling faces and welcoming arms. With a laid-back attitude born from centuries of enjoying the sunny climate, it’s impossible not to be attracted by their laid-back attitude and easy, friendly manner. The language barrier is minimal due to it’s longstanding history of cultural and economic alliance with England which has led to most Portuguese people taking on English as a second language. You won’t be short of conversation topics either! The Portuguese calendar is rife with celebrations and festivals where you can enjoy a diet that has been touted as one of the healthiest and greatest in the world and traditional dance and music that have been renowned for their beauty. From Carnaval to Saint Martin’s Summer, there are plenty of ways for you to immerse yourself in the local community.

While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with Portuguese people and culture, you won’t be far from your home comforts. There is a huge community of ex-pats to be found in there, with many centring around the sunnier regions like the Algarve to build their own little communities where you can find a fantastic blend of Portuguese and British culture. You’ll never be short of new friends to make and new experiences to explore.


One thing you always need to consider when buying a holiday home is if you can see yourself enjoying your time there for many years. It’s all well and good to have a few holidays lounging around the pool, reading books, and sipping cocktails but sooner or later you’re going to want to venture out, and when you do, you’ll want there to be plenty to do. Portugal has some of the finest cultural institutions in the world, from the Arade Culture Centre to local cuisine, you’ll find that there’s lots of adventures to be had in there.

Much like Blighty, the most popular sport in there is the greatest game, football (futebal to the locals), with a long history of excellent playing which has seen its national team ranked among the best in the world. Their oldest club is Boavista, established in 1903. But of course, you can’t talk about Portuguese football without mentioning Christiano Ronaldo, perhaps the most famous Portuguese person alive!

If football doesn’t spark your interest, then perhaps a few rounds on the green will prove more to your liking. Portugal is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the world, with golfers flocking in their hundreds every year to play on Monte Rei, Troia, and the Oitavos Dunes. Any golfer would be more than happy to spend some time here.

It’s not all sports though, Portugal has a deep-seated appreciation of the arts. From the Renaissance paintings of Jorge Alfonso to the literary influence of Fernando Pessoa, you’ll have no trouble finding high-art to study. With Museums everywhere except the tiniest of villages, no matter where you are, you can enjoy some of the greatest cultural artifacts in Europe.

If you’re looking for some prime holiday real estate, there’s no place better to look than the sunny coasts of Portugal. Why not look into what properties are available to you today?


Is it a good country to invest in?

Property in Portugal is some of the best priced in Europe. With the average house price costing €1,500 less per square metre than in the UK. It’s €1456 per square metre in Lisbon so you don’t have to buy somewhere remote to get a good deal. This is excellent for those looking to get a holiday home and for retirement and lifestyle as you’ll benefit from all the benefits that we’ve outlined with the added perk of affordable properties in some of the most ideal locations on the continent.


This country is ranked the third out of 163 countries for overall safety and is beaten only by Iceland in Europe. This means that you can enjoy excellent security while you’re on holiday and rest easy with the knowledge that your holiday home will be safe while you’re away. It’s important to take the local community into consideration when buying a holiday home, if you buy in the wrong area you could end up losing a lot of your investment through vandalism or theft. By buying in Portugal, you can enjoy an extra level of comfort knowing that your property will be that little bit safer!

When you’re waking up in your holiday home with the sound of crashing waves gracing your ears and the smell of delicious food filling your nostrils, you’ll be glad you took our advice and looked into Portugal for your future holiday home. A land of sun, sea, and adventure, Portugal is the place to be.

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