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What is a Portfolio investing?

Portfolio Investing is a strategy via which we serve individuals and family offices from around the world seeking investment exposure to the much profitable UK co-living sector. We curate housing assets in the Midlands addressing a market of over 3 million tenants comprising of students and young professionals.

Novyy Core I-Pack

An established, high-quality portfolio of medium-sized, multi-let student housing properties in Coventry, England. A successful acquisition structure was achieved, and logistics for managing student lets and producing above-market ROI on deployed stock were put in place. The portfolio will continue to grow and generate earnings for investors in the form of rental earnings to be distributed quarterly, as well as well as deliver long-term capital appreciation. The portfolio will be revalued every 7 years, and investors will be able to get scheduled exits via refinancing.

Real Investors think in Decades of Cash Flow

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Get 85% of the Net Operating Income from the property transferred to your bank account quarterly.

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Get 75% of your invested capital between the 5th and 7th year from investing, reducing your equity investment to a quarter of the original investment.

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Continue receiving 50% of the Net Operating Income with an equity position of 25% only - our minimum commitment for 20 years


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Focus on the UK's thriving student markets, particularly university towns and future cities, with permitted upscaling of companies requiring a huge worker supply, which will increase rental housing demand.

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Pursue a flexible investment methodology that allows us to underwrite and execute quickly while focusing on risk-adjusted returns.

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Stabilised yield from tenanted stock with a demonstrated trading history. Within close proximity of target tenants like Universities / train station.

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Value Add from Novyy's eventual scale and customer service. Leverage the absence of an organised investment platform and operator for HMOs and Flat Shares.

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The Platform

Management staff that is both entrepreneurial and focused to grow this portfolio profitably.
In-house asset management team with extensive knowledge and experience in operating such an asset class.
Ability to capture off-market opportunities and excellent occupancy rates driven by location.
Precision, real time reporting available on the Novyy dashboard.

Yield History

The following table details yields paid by Novyy for each Investment Vehicle in % on Equity Deployed
Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FINAL Total for Year
2023 - 5% - 3.5% - 8.5%

Client Reviews

Profile pic Haider Raza
Haider Raza
Chartered Accountant

I am happy that I made the decision to invest with Novyy. 1) Novyy has never missed any rental payments to me. 2) Rent was always paid on time, never late. 3) Your responsiveness is A+, I must say. As a foreign investor, a delayed response worries you.

Profile pic David Spivack
David Spivack
Pharma Entrepreneur
London, United Kingdom

Extremely responsive and knowledgeable right from the outset. Any questions I had were dealt with immediately.

Profile pic Michael Gore
Michael Gore
Pharma Entrepreneur
London, United Kingdom

I know that this sounds unusual, but I cannot think of any way in which your service could be improved. It is the best customer experience that I have ever encountered.

Profile pic Rajan Bhatia
Rajan Bhatia
Duty Free Operator, UAE

We as a family, looked for a trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable firm to guide us through the Investment process. We got crisp, clear, and well-informed data about the whole process. Experienced Investment Managers. No marketing gimmicks, just the actual facts.

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