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Retirement and Lifestyle - Algarve

Retirement and Lifestyle - Algarve

In the twilight of your life, when you’re finally able to put up your feet and get away from the strife of working life, it’s important to find somewhere in the world you can carve your own little space in to live the rest of your life in comfort and luxury. No place has been more popular for this than the Algarve in Portugal. Located on the south coast of Portugal, where the Mediterranean gives way to the Atlantic, there’s everything a new retiree can desire, from sun, to sea, even a little sport. It’s no wonder that it’s been named the top retirement spot three years in a row. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons us Brits have flocked to this Iberian hideaway.

Is it worth going to the Algarve in Portugal?

With more than 100,000 resident foreign retirees, there’s plenty of new friends to make. While many go to Algarve to relax in the sun it can get awfully lonely if you’re living in a foreign country where many people don’t speak the same language as you.

This is not a concern in Algarve. As a result of many centuries of economic and political friendship between Portugal and England, many Portuguese people speak English as a second language, meaning that you won’t have to search hard to find someone to talk to. Not only this, but there is also a large community of retirees for you to engross yourself in. Golf clubs (almost everyone plays golf) or local restaurants or local gyms, nature clubs, or hiking groups in Algarve will have direct access to these communities so they’ll be able to help you get started in building lifelong friendships with like-minded people.

What is Algarve Portugal known for?

You won’t get bored in Algarve. Beyond the obvious pleasures of sunning it up on the beach or lounging around by a pool, this area’s got a ton of activities to occupy yourself with and ensure your retirement is one of adventure and enjoyment!

In the town of Carvoiero you can find a vibrant community of expats. The Carvoiero Tennis Clubs see retirees flocking to its doors to enjoy a game or two which you can then follow up by visiting the well-stocked book exchange where you can trade your old volumes with some of the latest best sellers. Many expats also look to local community and charity work to fill their time, thereby engaging with the local community and helping deepen the roots to their new home.

If tennis and literature don’t tickle your fancy, why not have a few rounds of golf in one of the many golf courses that populate the Algarve countryside. Often cited as the best golf courses in Europe, with plenty of courses to choose from, any golf lover will be right at home exploring these greens.

Perhaps you’re more of an artistic person, well there’s plenty for you in the Algarve too. Visit Lagoa and immerse yourself in the finest of the arts. Why not visit the musical academy with its live orchestra made of musicians from as young as eight years old! Or go to one of the open-air Jazz and Classical concerts that happen all year round. And of course, you couldn’t talk culture without mentioning the Arade Congress Centre, host to such events as Russian Ballet, Motorcar Launches and the finals of the world darts championship!


Portugal is home to one of the healthiest and most delicious diets in the world. Rich in fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables, you won’t have any difficulty finding local dishes that are both healthy and rich in taste. Every day you’ll be able to pop down to the local market for a range of fresh produce and dishes that will have Gordon Ramsey licking his lips!

What better way to spend the summer than in Portugal? The Algarve has so much beauty and excitement that you'll be able to get your fill of both luxury and adventure. If you've always desired to have a wonderful retirement, the Algarve could be the answer. Learn more by adding Algarve to your list of upcoming vacation destinations.

In Summary,

In conclusion, the Algarve in Portugal stands as a prime destination for retirees seeking a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and an active lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that the Algarve in Portugal has been named the top retirement spot for three consecutive years, given its sunny shores, vibrant communities, diverse activities, and delectable culinary scene.

For those considering the Algarve as their retirement haven, Novyy offers an innovative solution to turn this dream into reality. With Novyy, you can explore investment opportunities in the thriving real estate market of the Algarve, securing your slice of paradise in this idyllic region. Make your retirement truly exceptional with Novyy, your partner in creating a life of luxury and fulfilment in the Algarve.


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