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Student Property Investments: From Selection to Success

Student Property Investments: From Selection to Success

Student housing investment has increased dramatically over the last decade, making it one of the most profitable parts of the property market. Both new and seasoned investors can benefit from the potential of student housing, particularly in the UK's burgeoning student housing investment centres.

HMOs, student pods, and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) are all types of student housing. Because of its managed nature, PBSA has grown in popularity, providing a hassle-free investment experience.

According to Savills research,

In the United Kingdom, there are around 2.2 million full-time students, resulting in three students per available bed in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA).

In the academic year 2020–21, the number of full-time students in the United Kingdom increased by 8%.

Investing in student housing in the UK has various advantages. Some of them are:

Student Property Investments: From Selection to Success

High Rental Yields and Income Possibilities

Rental yields for student housing are among the highest in the UK property market. Landlords can gain significant monthly income from many tenants renting separate rooms, frequently giving up to 20%.

Property at an Affordable Price

Student housing is frequently located in areas with lower property costs, making it an appealing investment possibility with a cheap initial cost.

Tenant Demand Is Consistent

Student lodgings are typically in high demand throughout the academic year, reducing the possibility of extended void periods. The demand for student accommodation stays consistent, and well-located properties have consistent occupancy rates.

Tenants at a Lower Risk

Students frequently have financial help in the form of loans or family support, which reduces the likelihood of rental payment concerns. Their conscientious approach to property care, as well as the option of guarantors, provide landlords with additional security.

Portfolio Diversification

Investing in student housing allows investors to diversify their portfolio while potentially earning larger returns than other property types.

Before investing in student housing in the United Kingdom, you should consider various factors to ensure a successful business.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider:

Student Property Investments: From Selection to Success

Considerations for Money

Ascertain that you have the necessary capital for your venture. While the entry rate for student housing may be lower, mortgage options may be limited. PBSA units are frequently purchased in cash, necessitating cautious financial preparation.

Investment Objectives

Clarify your investment objectives. Student housing is known for its constant rental yields and little upkeep, making it a perfect investment for those looking for a steady income. It is not, however, intended for rapid capital growth. Consider buy-to-let investments for capital growth, with a concentration on places where housing is scarce.

Collaboration with Professionals

Use reliable property finders and investment experts. They can assist you in navigating the market, selecting opportunities with strong fundamentals, and directing you towards investments that are in line with your financial objectives.

Other Important Factors to Consider Before Investing in Student Housing:

Increased Demand for Higher Education

Despite rising university tuition expenses, the number of young people pursuing higher education is increasing. Because of the expanding student population, there is a continual demand for acceptable housing options, making student property investing a profitable endeavour.

Profitable Investment possibilities

Student housing provides good returns and security, making it an appealing asset type for investors. The combination of strong rental rates and consistent demand establishes it as a top investment option.

Upkeep of the Property

Quality and durability

Because student housing has a higher turnover rate, focus on long-lasting fixtures and high-quality fittings. These investments might help the property maintain its condition and appeal over time.

PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation)

Because of its superior facilities and durability, PBSA developments are gaining popularity. Working with reputable developers and investment firms can provide access to well-designed accommodations that meet the demands of students.

Considerations for Choosing an Investment Location:

Excellent Location

Location is vital in any property investment, but it is more important with student housing. Select a property that is close to the university campus. Students want properties that are within walking distance of the school.

Links to Public Transportation

If the house is a little further away from campus, consider the availability of reliable and convenient transit options. Because many students do not drive to campus, having access to public transportation is essential.

Amenities and nightlife

Consider the local nightlife, which includes prominent bars and restaurants. The property's location in a bustling region with entertainment choices increases its appeal to potential student tenants.

Making Your Investment Future-Proof:

Regeneration and Trends

While no investment is completely risk-free, think about prospective trends and regeneration plans in your chosen location. In the long run, areas undergoing regeneration might provide expansion prospects and increase the appeal of the property. 

Comfort and convenience

Students have hectic schedules, so properties that provide convenience and comfort stand out. To meet the demands of students, look for accommodations with extra amenities such as high-speed internet, double bedrooms, access to supermarkets, and on-site gyms.

Making an Appeal

Offering features that go above and beyond normal housing alternatives might help your property stand out. Students are more inclined to select housing that offers a well-rounded living experience, generating a sense of ease and community.

The disadvantages of investing in student housing

Seasonality and void periods

During summer vacations, when tenants are not in residence, student properties may endure vacant periods. Proper planning and rent setting can help mitigate this issue.

Maintenance Fees

Because of the nature of group living, wear and tear in student housing may be greater than in regular rentals. Landlords must plan for more frequent upkeep and possible repairs.

Increased Insurance Costs

Landlord insurance for student properties is likely to be higher than for other property classes due to the increased risk of damage.

Licencing and Regulations

Student homes frequently require special permits, especially if they are classified as Houses of Multiple occupations (HMOs). Compliance with safety and licencing requirements may incur additional expenditures.

In Summary,

Student housing investing is a profitable proposition with high rental yields, stable demand, and the appeal of diversification. The UK's rising student population and consistent demand for higher education mean that there will always be a need for suitable accommodations. Seasonality, maintenance, and regulatory compliance are all problems that can be overcome with smart preparation. The correct location, amenities, and forward-thinking techniques can increase the appeal and longevity of an investment. Investors may traverse the student housing landscape from selection to success by aligning investment objectives, receiving professional assistance, and understanding market dynamics.


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