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Investment Opportunities in Commuter Towns - Part 2

Investment Opportunities in Commuter Towns - Part 2

We're back with the second instalment of our two-part series on London commuter towns, why people are relocating there, what makes each one unique, and why you should turn to them to diversify your investment portfolio. In our first piece, we discussed how the Covid epidemic caused a massive exodus of individuals from London to these commuting towns, resulting in London having the lowest level of property value increase in the UK. This is due to a variety of circumstances, the most significant of which was the advent of flexible working, which allowed employees to work from home most of the time and only come into the office when needed. This has allowed employees the opportunity to relocate to regions that are a little further away from the office but much less expensive. In our previous piece, we examined the counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire, as well as the most popular commuter town in each. We'll now look at some more commuter towns to discover what makes them so enticing to commuters.

Where is the best place to live outside London?

Surrey, Horley: 

Based equidistant between Brighton and London, this sunny little town offers an inviting mix of rural charm and the urban buzz of a modern town. With an average house price of £394,749 it’s immediately clear how much more affordable it is than trying to live in central London where many commuter’s jobs are based. Surrey is also one of the most affordable places to live in, making it that more appealing to those who want to be able to go to the seaside as easily as possible. Its excellent  transport link makes it easy to get to London, Brighton and Gatwick airport by train, plus a robust bus system that gives residents affordable access to the entirety of Surrey and some of West Sussex.

There are excellent schools in the town including Meath Green Infant School and Forge Wood Primary School which have both been ranked “Outstanding” by Ofsted. This makes the town a particularly attractive destination for those looking to start a family.

Horley High Street provides residents with a slew of well-known retail chains and quirky, independent boutiques so you can find whatever you need to satisfy that retail craving. For a more active lifestyle, Horley Leisure Centre is home to a well-equipped gym, fitness studios, a swimming pool, and a spa. Beyond shops and gyms to spend money in, Horley is home to swathes of green open space, perfect for daily walks and romantic picnics.

Annual events such as the St George's Day parade and the Horley Carnival attract visitors from across the country. Furthermore, Surrey remains one of the safest counties in the UK, making it appealing to families wishing to settle down while remaining commutable to London.

Essex, Brentwood:

With access to London in just over half an hour, this Essex town’s left lots of people scrambling to live there. A huge draw is the prospective developments that are to come, the town centre is having a huge makeover with new shops and cinemas to suit all your retail needs including big name brands like Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s. There’s plenty of golf courses and a leisure centre for you to enjoy yourself, plus there’s dozens of picturesque villages around for you to explore.

Brentwood School, where Frank Lampard and Jack Straw were educated, is one of its schools. Aside from that, there are several primary schools with an outstanding Ofsted rating, making it a viable location for families looking for a change in lifestyle while maintaining that link to London.

Brentwood properties have already performed better than many in the surrounding region thanks to Crosslink connectivity, and savvy buyers have been lapping them up. House prices currently stand a little more expensive than other areas on this list, at £523,395 but this value is only expected to go higher making it a viable alternative for high-end investors.

West Sussex, Three Bridges:

Yopa concluded that this town, with its high number of trains to the capital, easy access to Gatwick and affordable house price is one of the top commuter towns for London.

Its range of excellent quality schools, including Hazelwook Secondary School which was ranked as “Outstanding” by Ofsted, attracts many people looking to affordably start a new family without sacrificing their London wages.

Local museums and theatre offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the beating heart of the town’s culture. Parks and green spaces offer pleasant places to spend time and unwind, and, if you’re looking to take that connection with nature a step further there’s Go Ape only a short drive away. Indoor Go-karting and escape rooms offer great fun even when the sun’s not showing.

House prices average at £280,280 making it the most affordable town on this list and a great opportunity for investors who are just starting to get onto the property market.

Oxfordshire, Henley-On-Thames:

This town is perfect for Londoners craving a little bit more peace and quiet, and a little more breathing space. Located along the times, it’s bereft in natural beauty, making it ideal for those who might want to have a quiet place to settle down and relax for the rest of their lives.

In the town proper, there are plenty of pubs, shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy yourself, all of which offer amazing quality goods and services. For culture, why not visit the River and Rowing Museum or the Old Fire Station Gallery. In addition, every year the Henley Royal Regatta brings sports lovers around to watch the rowers compete for top spot. Under an hour into Paddington station, this picturesque town is great for Londoners who want to settle and enjoy their lives while still keeping connected with the hustle and bustle of that great metropolis.

Average house prices are £754,337 which makes it more expensive so it may not be the ideal option for those wanting to bank on the Buy-to-Let market but if you’re looking for a place to retire and spend the rest of your life, you won't find a better place.

Tell us about your favourite commuter town and why you think it's a good investment.


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