1st March 2021
Lisbon Real Estate Report - March 21

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1st April 2021
Oporto Real Estate Report - April 21

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15th May 2021
Greece Real Estate Report - May 21

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26th May 2021
An Indian Odyssey - Outlook Money, India

Greece's Golden Visa scheme is the fastest investment route to European residency and gateway into the EU mark...

7th May 2021
Residency in The EU - Outlook Money, India

Residency in the EU is a good investment and not a luxury anymore. Europe is India’s strongest trading partner...

2nd June 2021
Gordon Ramsay Discovers Pure Flavors of Portugal - NatGeo

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1st June 2021
Is real estate a good investment in India? - ET, India

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19th June 2021
Why Investing In Real Estate in Europe a Good Idea - Realty+ Magazine, India

Realty+ Magazine interviews our Founder & CEO, Ashish Saraff to discuss the real estate scenario in India...

28th June 2021
New fund offers a chance to become permanent resident in Europe for Rs 3.09 crore!

Aretha Capital Partners have launched their 2nd European Fund, Aretha Portugal Vision Fund giving investors an...

6th July 2021
Understanding alternative investment funds in Europe

Our Founder & CEO, Ashish Saraff wrote for CNBC-TV18 about how European AIFs might make sense for Emerging...

3rd August 2021
Podcast - India will be the biggest market for IM in the next 10 years

Our CEO, Ashish Saraff, spoke to Christian Henrik Nesheim of Investment Migration Insider about international...

12th August 2021
Will Stronger Trade Tides with The EU Benefit Indian SME'S

India and China have been pitted against each other owing to their cohesive role in shifting the global power...