Selling Property Fractions
to unlock value in your property

Individuals seeking to unlock partial value of their investment properties can partner us to release upto 50% of their deposit and upto 90% of the total property value while still maintaining half of their ownership for future gains.

Do you have a property that is rented or can be rented? Do you wish to unlock some value, but not sell it out yet?

At Novyy - we are partnering individuals just like you.


Why unlock your property value at Novyy n-cash

Value Unlocking

Buy-To-Let landlords are often confused about when is the best time to sell. It is often very difficult to enter the property market after having exited it. With Novyy, you can unlock cash for upto 50% of your equity value and upto 100% of the mortgage value, and still keep half of your ownership alive.

Mortgage Funding

We can help you n-cash upto 90% of your property value with a combination of mortgage and equity fractions, and also release you from your personal guarantees to your current lender.

Continued Income & Capital Gains

You will still keep half of the net operating income after paying off the mortgage interests and other operating expenses of the property. Plus, your share of the property will still continue to appreciate as the property prices keep going up. You don’t have to miss on future gains.

Super-fast turnaround

We can turnaround the entire process within 6-8 weeks from your first contacting us. All you need to do is fill up the short form below and get started. We’ll be as fast as you want us to be – no more waiting for months to find a buyer.